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Robert Kerstein– a T-Scan workshop in your office with your staff and patients. Course focuses on digital occlusion proficiency and Disclusion Time Reduction skills development – courses offered in your office on a date that you schedule with Dr. Kerstein.

DTR – Disclusion Time Reduction – Digital Occlusion Seminars – Using digital occlusal analysis for computer-guided treatment for TMD/TMJ disorders, providing patients better quality care in less time. A complete Digital Work Flow to provide Disclusion Time Reduction therapy. Courses are offered globally throughout the year.

CNO Institute – Training health care professionals in TMD diagnosis, 3D Imaging, and Measured Anterior Guidance/DTR Therapy concepts so that they can in turn provide hope and direction for many patients with bite issues, tension and temporal headaches, and TMD – courses held in Rogers, Arkansas throughout the year.

Digital Smile Design / DSD – Holistic, Digital & Emotional Dentistry Solutions for Modern Clinics. 3D Digital Smile Design for full mouth cases. Courses offered globally throughout the year.

DSD App – Using your iPhone to capture digital smile data for patient education and digital case design – courses offered globally throughout the year.

Dr. Patrick Girouard – Sports Dentistry – Through the science of Bio Dentistry, Dr. Girouard lectures and demonstrates how biometrics can assist in the evaluation of athletes and in the design, the engineering of a sportsguard and the overall athletic performance.  The clinical benefits to the athlete is scientifically proven in areas of alignment, airway enlargement, improve balance and increased strength.  This course is offered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada on May 25 & 26, 2019

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Previous Events

Case Specific Occlusal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Consulting

December 31, 2017 your town

Complex Case Review

2017 – You Pick The Date. To Be Coordinated To Fit Your Schedule

For doctors who would like assistance working through a complex occlusal case – from diagnosis to treatment planning, coordinating all biometric technology that you use (T-Scan, JVA, EMG, CBCT, MRI, K-7…)

TMD and Sleep Dentistry Imaging III - Clinical Correlations

May 20, 2017 Orlando FL


Diagnosis is 90% of the Treatment


Course description: TMD and Sleep Dentistry Imaging – Clinical Correlations:
The best treatment outcomes start with the correct diagnosis and coming to the correct diagnosis is considered 90% of the treatment.


As the end of the TMD/Sleep dentistry series, this course focuses on how to use radiographic information clinically. It takes the participant through the thought process of forming a diagnosis. Beginning with clinical examination and tentative clinical diagnosis, the participant will learn how to extract radiographic information from the diagnostic imaging and form a radiographic diagnosis, then how put the information together correlating clinical symptoms with radiographic appearance to reach the final diagnosis. The entities tackled will include various intracapsular disorders (such as disc displacements, different phases of degenerative changes, adhesions, synovial chondromatosis, rheumatoid and juvenile idiopathic arthritis) and extracapsular disorders (muscle pain, benign and malignant tumors and trauma) as well as some examples of airway pathology, followed by the management of these cases. Imaging decision making and CBCT and MRI protocols for analysis of the TMJ and airway will be discussed, as well as how to obtain the best image quality from your CBCT scanner, how radiation dose plays into image quality and understanding the factors contributing to radiation dose, and how to discuss the issue of radiation dose with your patient.


to register or for more information:

TMD and Sleep Dentistry Imaging Level II - Pathology

March 4, 2017 Orlando FL

Course description:
The IAMI TMD and Sleep Dentistry Series is a structured learning experience created to provide the clinician with core TMD imaging knowledge. Each course builds the foundation of knowledge for the following course.
This series will be offered in four separate courses. Each course learning objectives builds and expands on the previous offering to create a comprehensive, integrated understanding of TMD Imaging and its correlation to Sleep Dentistry.

TMD Imaging 2
This course is a two-day, highly interactive, hands-on course that will provide an in-depth review of the major TMJ pathology and how it can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea and other orofacial abnormalities.


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Dental Business Administration Mastership Course, Part 1

January 21, 2017 Nicosia

This 5 day program is part 1 of a 10 module program taught in 2 parts. The program is designed to teach how to run your dental business as a business. Course content will include Marketing, Accounting, Leadership and Negotiation Skills, Human Resources Management and How to Write Your Own Business Plan. It is a Mastership Program for Dentists and Dental Managers / Administrators.

TMD and Sleep Dentistry Imaging Level 1 - Core Foundation

January 14, 2017 Orlando FL


The IAMI TMD and Sleep Dentistry series is a structured learning experience created to provide the clinician with core TMD/Sleep dentistry imaging knowledge.  Each course builds the foundation of knowledge for the following course.


TMD Imaging Level 1 explores the interaction between TMJ and upper respiratory tract, and aims to help the participant understand these structures and the interactions, and hoe abnormality in one can lead to abnormality in the other.  Normal CBCT anatomy as it pertains to TMD diagnosis and airway analysis for sleep dentistry purposes will be reviewed as well as MRI evaluation of the normal TMJ.  This intensive two-day course gives the participant the foundational knowledge for CBCT evaluation and aids in identification of abnormal by presenting normal anatomy and bio-mechanics.


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Dr. Robert Kerstein - In Your Office - Occlusion Workshop

December 31, 2016 your town

2016 – You pick the date. A Private Course for you and you staff. Work out a specific date with Dr. Kerstein. In Your Office. With Your patients. He will travel to your office to work with you and your patients for a day of over-the-shoulder occlusal therapy and bite refinement. He will help you become more proficient in understanding your biometric technology data, and how different elements work together: T-Scan, JVA, EMG, K7, TENS for comprehensive diagnosis and precision treatment.

New T-Scan User One-On-One Training

December 31, 2016 your town

New User Case Review

2016 – You Pick The date. To Be Coordinated To Fit Your Schedule

Target Audience: Doctors who are new users who are either unable to take the T-Scan Digital Occlusion Training course or after taking the course, feel the need for more help. And for dentists outside the US who are not able to attend the Digital Occlusion Course..

Occlusion, Friend or Foe

November 18, 2016 Denver CO

This course will address the clinical challenges of managing occlusal problems in patients. In a day-long session, Dr. Ben Sutter will lecture on case presentations and the successes and failures of occlusal diagnostics in a variety of applications in dental medicine.

DTR Summit: The Non-Appliance Approach to Chronic Occluso-Muscle Disorders

July 22, 2016 Houston TX

This course will teach you a minimally invasive way to diagnose and treat patients experiencing TMD signs and symptoms through managing occlusion. Learn from two of the leaders in Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy, Dr Robert Kerstein and Dr Ben Sutter, through lectures, live patient treatment, and hands-on workshops.

Occlusion, Friend or Foe

June 24, 2016 Portland OR

This course will address the clinical challenges of managing occlusal problems in patients. In a day-long session, Dr. Ben Sutter will lecture on case presentations and the successes and failures of occlusal diagnostics in a variety of applications in dental medicine.

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I would highly recommend this course to anyone that already has the technology … it will significantly sharpen your learning curve.

CB, Athens GA Tucson, AZ

This technology has greatly increased the precision of occlusal harmony I can provide. My philosophy is NM. This course has been a very compatible adjunct my therapy.

Anonymous New York, NY

I have taken this course twice and each time I have learned something new and valuable for my practice. It is an excellent presentation.

PJ, Toronto New York, NY

Eye opening. Well supported presentation. No-nonsense practical concepts with clear clinical application

JD, New York New York, NY

The presenter was very interested in the program working well for each attendee. All questions were welcome and encouraged.

Anonymous Dallas, TX

Technology makes dentistry more accurate and more fun. The instructor knows the material extremely well and teaches it nicely, going slowly enough so even I could understand.

SG, Los Angeles San Jose, CA

I now feel like I know enough to start using the equipment.

RT, Los Angeles San Jose, CA


GF, Meredith, NH Boca Raton, FL

I learned so much last year, I came back this year to continue the process.

DL, Bradenton, FL Boca Raton, FL

This course and instrumentation pulls together the optimum principles of occlusion

KK, Troy, MI Boca Raton, FL
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