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New User Case Review

Date and Time:             To Be Coordinated To Fit Your Schedule


Target Audience:             Doctors who are new users who are either unable to take the T-Scan Digital Occlusion Training course or after taking the course, feel the need for more help.  Dentists outside the US.


Pre-Requisites:                                 Initial training, T-Scan Level 1 Training Video


Instructor:       This courser will be taught by either Dr. Robert Kerstein or Dr. Scott Green.  Please let us know if you have a preference.  We will make our best attempt to schedule with your preferred Consultant.


Course Objectives:

  • Recording reproducible data
  • Setting the recording Sensitivity
  • Data Interpretation – identifying timing and force aberrances in closure, understanding Center Of Force & the Force vs. Time graph in both closure and excursions
  • Understanding how to correlate T-Scan data to articulating paper marks when rendering adjustments
  • Identifying concerns for treatment success


Course Description:        This course will be designed to help the participant become more proficient at using the T-Scan. It will take place as a live-meeting on Skype.   For dentists who are unable to schedule a web-based training due to time restraints or time zone issues, or for dentists who do not have a high speed Internet connection, Dr. Green also offers this course as an e-mail based program.


The participant will select a specific case for review where through computer-sharing, his data can be discussed directly from within his/her T-Scan. Furthermore, Recording Skills can be “watched” both on the desktop, and on Skype Cam. The participant’s computer will show them the Consultant using the T-Scan sensor with the proper mouth movements required for reliable recording, giving the participant the recording movement knowledge required to obtain sound and reproducible T-Scan data. The Consultant can provide suggestions for working with both the patient and the recording handle intraorally. Once good data is captured by the participant, the consultant can discuss case findings and make suggestions for treatment.


The Participant’s case T-Scan data would be sent via email t the Consultant prior to the Skype meeting, so the Consultant can review the data and study the case for discussion in the Skype meeting with the participant.


Materials:       Participant will provide complete T-Scan data (Multi-bite; Right, Left, Protrusive excursions) sent by email to the Consultant. In addition, radiographs and intraoral photographs are required for treatment planning.


Expected time:                 1 -2 hours


Note:        This is a training course and is not eligible for CE credit.


Course Fee:        $425/hour.   The participant must hold his/her date and time with a credit card and a date will be worked out between the Participant and the Consultant.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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