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Complex Case Review


Date and Time:             To Be Coordinated To Fit Your Schedule


Target Audience:             Doctors who believe they have a good working understanding of digital occlusion and who would like assistance understanding complex T-Scan data and  in treatment planning.


Consultants:             Dr. Robert Kerstein  and  Dr. Scott Green


Pre-Requisites:                 T-Scan Digital Occlusion Training Course and a working knowledge of the software


Course Objectives:

  • Comprehensive review of a single case
  • Understanding
    • timing and force aberrances in closure,
    • the COF & the Force vs. Time graph in both closure and excursions.
    • The Occlusion Time (OT),
    • The Disclusion Time(DT) and muscle physiology
  • Outlining case concerns for clinical success
  • Treatment Planning assistance


Course Description:

This course is designed to be a learning experience and help users comfortable working with complex cases.  The participant will submit all materials for a specific case along with an outline of what they see clinically, what their concerns are, and what they are hoping to achieve with a proposed treatment plan.


The Consultant will review all materials, and then meet on Skype to work with participant to ensure they understand the data they are gathering, and how it applies to their understanding of the clinical issues revealed from photographs and radiographs, while aiding in the development of treatment options for the specific case.



Participant will provide complete T-Scan data (Multi-bite; Right, Left, Protrusive excursions), complete set of photographs, full mouth series of radiographs, and other digital data if available (EMG, JVA, CBCT, MRI, etc.)


Expected time:                 1 -2 hours


Note:  This course is eligible for 1 hour CE credit.


Course Fee:        $750.00 per hour.  The Participant must hold his/her date and time with a credit card deposit and will then be contacted by the Consultant to coordinate a time.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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